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About Sarah

Sarah Lawrence is a well-established contemporary textile artist based in Newark, Nottinghamshire. She combines her innovative approach to felt-making with embroidery, beadwork and gilding to produce rich, textured pieces that are exhibited worldwide.

Photo: Sonia Hawes


"The hand-made felt that I create is generally embroidered, embellished and presented as framed decorative pieces. Larger scale wall hangings explore colour and texture relationships. My textiles are to be viewed in a decorative context. The images are based on simple design motifs. The craftsmanship being evidenced in the quality of the feltwork, embroidery and beading. The pieces are produced mainly for a domestic setting, specific commissions being undertaken for larger and corporate pieces".  


"The context of my work in relation to other crafts is its reliance on the understanding of good craft practices and sound design principles. My work is meant to delight the eye rather than to tax the brain analysing it. I exhibit to gain a wider audience for, and appreciation of my work and the craft of felt-making/embroidery which I transfer to others through workshops, lectures and written articles. I am also called upon by organisations in an advisory capacity".



Sarah Lawrence 1999-2005
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